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Louise Hawkins Girl Looking Into Light


When life simply couldn’t get any worse, when the whatever-ness of it all had reached an all-time low, Alex begins one of her negative-thought-loops. Why did she just eat all that, because now she’ll have minus a 1000 calories for dinner tonight?! Why had her Dad died three years ago? She misses him so much. Did Katie really just ask her that? Could her Mum pick an any-more-annoying boyfriend? And why-oh-why couldn’t Ben like her? Surely that wasn’t too much to ask. Really, what was the point of everything? There had to be more to life, to herself even, than this.

Alex’s art is her refuge. In fact, she’d turned the four walls and ceiling of her bedroom into gorgeous murals. She likes to lie on her bed and just stare at that big blue sky with the white puffy clouds and a bright happy sun, the canals in Venice, the snow in Alaska, Hawaii, or—her favorite—the willow tree in a field of bluebells bordered by a stream. This woodland scene with those sweet smelling flowers had become her Happy Place,

On this day-of-all-days, she stands face to face with her beloved-bluebell field-wall, imagining the scent in the air and the sound of silence. With a weight in her heart that she can no-longer bear, tears fill her eyes and a loving-voice invites her to step forward.

Curious she does so and she steps into another land—the Land of Whateverwhere two guides appear to help her find the answer to her question about the point of everything. They are unlike anyone she has ever known in her entire life. ZEN: loving and totally trustworthy, who will show her what’s beyond her, and HARBONE: joyful, powerful, gorgeous and annoying, who will show her what’s inside her.

Alex’s guides charge her with a very special mission with an irresistible payoff, but to succeed, she has to let go of her old ways of thinking and find the Key of Love.

Louise Hawkins Whatever what's the point of everything?