Praise for Whatever


“This knockout book for teens has the power to change lives
directing girls onto a path of infinite happiness!”

Mike Dooley (author of Notes from the Universe, New York Times bestsellers- Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe, and featured teacher in the bestselling book, The Secret)


I love the IGS! I think it’s such a great idea! Marley


My favorite part of the book was how at the end Alex and Luke became AMOTs and could IC each other, because I dream of a world where everyone can communicate with each other and be happy. Marlayna


I didn’t want to put the book down! I was with Alex on the ride of her life. This was great! Tammy


When Alex was calorie counting it reminded me of how I abuse my body, and it helped me to know that I can be nice to my body. Marlayna


The best books are the ones that pose questions for you as a person and leave you with concepts and ideas to think about. That is what WHATEVER does and I absolutely love it! Jade


Whatever is the kind of book that is immediately relatable at any age. You’re immediately engaged with the main character and truly feel everything that she is going through. The challenges she faces throughout the story are presented in a way that is not only fun for youth to read but also carry with them a subtle message of strength and self-love. I encourage all to walk with Alex into the Land of Whatever! Kayla Dreisinger


Couldn’t Put It Down! I absolutely loved this book! It reminded me of a sci-fi version of Bridget Jones, where the main character Alex travels to the Land of Whatever to discover ‘the point of everything’. She has two spiritual guides that help her along her journey, and they will make you laugh and cry and relate to your own life. Whatever is an easy read with a deeper meaning, and I truly believe this story should be out there in the world for more young girls to benefit from. Kimberly Rose


Inspiring! This story immediately drew me in from the first few paragraphs! The main character Alex is immediately loveable and relatable with her hilarious inner dialogue, and the stories of her struggles and sometimes harsh realities of teenage life that we all know so well. This story perfectly combines these relatable teenage themes, with a strong sense and promotion of self love, empowerment, and finding something magical and beautiful in life, and most importantly within ourselves. Young people of all ages will relate to and be uplifted by the story of an average teenage girl who finds something truly amazing amongst the mundane. This book will inspire generations to come! Taja Costigan


Word Art That Takes You Through A Journey Wow! This book was written with such creativity. The words are like elegant art that paint a picture of a journey for a young girl going through common challenges of being your worst critic. Alex learns to overcome her challenges, while listening to her Internal Guiding System, and ultimately sees the true beauty and courage that is inside of her. There are deep meanings that are easy for young readers to resonate with, without being complicated spiritual explanations that some people may zone out. The writer did an amazing job at captivating emotions for readers to ride a roller-coaster through the Land of Whatever. Even though I am a male, there was a lot of experiences I could relate with and I felt like I was living inside of the story tale. If I had a daughter, I would definitely have her read this book in her teenage years. I highly recommend this book! A+! Noel Tuttle


Motivational, Inspiring Piece! Whatever is a captivating, thought-provoking fantasy novel that has readers applying some of Alex’s fictitious yet realistically described experiences to reevaluate their own lives. The book’s plot is definitely not what you’d typically expect for a teen read. The novel explores many dynamic elements such as understanding one’s life purpose, forgiving yourself for circumstances beyond your control and developing the confidence to trust your IGS (Internal Guiding System) or intuition (to name a few). It places special emphasis on the importance of being well balanced, self-nurturing, and accepting of what life throws your way. Very uplifting book! Not only an inspiring read for teens but for any adult enduring a major transition period as well. Thanks Louise Hawkins for creating such a fantastic work! MHaig


Fun And Captivating Read With big life lessons that will empower all girls from
aged 8 – 88………………………. Christine Lumgair