Alex discovers her IGS in the Land of Whatever.


What do I mean by an IGS?

Well to me, inside our hearts—inside your heart—is an Internal Guiding System.

This is your True Nature which is loving and wise.

It is the nature you were born with, the real you, your True Self.

It’s that wonderful-self-of-yours that is often masked by negative-thought-loops that tell you that you are not good enough, or that you should have done better.

You may choose to see your IGS like your personal built-in GPS devise, there to guide you in wise and loving ways. In following your IGS you are following your True Nature.

If you have a question in life, then you can ask your IGS for guidance, and life will open up for you.

What I find exciting, is that there is no-one else like you. You are unique. So in following your IGS you are living your life your way.


I see our IGS as an amazing vibration that dwells within our sacred-heart-of-hearts. Like this:


In this diagram there is a green heart chakra.Click here  to understand more about chakras.